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We Got Spirit


Screenplay by Brett Crandall

Long after graduating, former cheerleaders, Trevor and Adam, bond over their love for all things SPIRIT. But their small Kansas hometown crowd does not react well when they don Spartan uniforms once again and start cheering at home games after the school’s team get expelled. Having long put away the shames they felt from their love of dance or showmanship, the duo casts a spell to protect their cheer and inadvertently open their team pompoms to possession. As local uproar continues, PomPom becomes sentient, determined to stop anyone who steals cheer, queer or otherwise, becoming a deadlier threat than Trevor and Adam intended. This horror/dance/comedy takes “the Holiday genre” and shakes it like a pompom.

Searching for cinematographers, editors, dancers, actors, extras, production assistants, and producers.

If interested in applying, please submit here.

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Adapted as a puppet play

by Brett Crandall

based on the story

by Charles Dickens



A Puppet Play

by Brett Crandall

based on the books

by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Off to the jungle to meet Tarzan and his animal friends as he learns to embrace being "different".



A Queer Fairy Tale

by Brett Crandall

a new queer-inclusive puppet play based on the myths of water sprites.

ONDINE tells the tale of how the titular character finds love when he meets a knight errant, Hans. But Ondine must make a pact with the Old One that should his beloved deceive him, Hans will die. As the two set out to marry before the King, Ondine will have to face the harsh, cold injustices of the human realm. Can Ondine and Hans truly live happily ever after? Only with help from Ondine’s puppet friends of the deep.

With careful language crafted into hilarious yet insightful verse, ONDINE gives a lesson in emotional intelligence.

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